Isla Holbox is a Mexican island southern region of Mexico along the Yucatan Peninsula, in Quintana Roo Condition, Bahia para Canoima. It is actually part of the Yumbalam Nature Playground and segregated from the mainland by a significant, bay-like lagoon, called the Yalahau Lagoon. Major features include Puntilla Coco Beach and laid-back Holbox Village. Holbox may be a small community located on the west portion of this island then. There are also lots of beautiful and easy-to-get-to places nearby just like Casa de Campo, Maritime Park, Tivoli Gardens more information and much more.

For a truly fascinating trip, there exists a Bahia para Canoima Private yacht Tour, generally known as Yacht Head to y La Costanera (three islands vessel tour). The itinerary comprises two to four evenings at sea, including trips to the Yucatan Peninsula and Bahia de Canoima. An exclusive opportunity emerges through this tour that permits participants to marvel on the captivating landscapes of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. A boat trip through the seas of South america affords people a magnificent possibility to see up close and personal the wonders and beauty of this peninsula. This excursion likewise takes participants into the heart of your island cycle. Visits to its capital Puerto Vallarta, as well as to their many beaches offer all the more exhilarating experience.

Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula can be described as prime location for surfing travelers. There are many places in this area just for surfers of each and every skill level. This is also a great place for the entire family and public alike, who can like the warm, sandy beaches in addition to the challenging say action. Making a stop in Isla Holbox is a must-visit for any kind of surf traveller. From here, you may look forward to a thrilling and wonderful vacation in Mexico’s perfect paradise.