okay ingredients class this is going to be a quick presentation on what your introduction and your thesis statement should look like how to write it what to think about what should be in it you know for your narrative essay there are some things that it has to include so just real basic here come coming off my my document here your introduction serves as a preview for the remainder of your paper convene you know the necessary background information to your readers identify your topic its significance and unveiling how you organize your essay this will be a little bit different for the narrative essay this information here in the red will be more for some of the essays that will come a little bit later but your introduction does serve as a preview for the rest of your paper and that is true with a narrative essay so organization of your introduction it’s basically a logical organization can be compared to the image of a funnel that is the introduction usually begins with a very general overview of your topic or isn’t in the case of the narrative the background material the situation a little bit of the conflict and then becomes more specific and narrowing down to the thesis statement typically the thesis theme is the last sentence in the introduction it may however come near the end or the introduction and of course technically you know writing your thesis statement can be anywhere but for the purposes of this class your thesis statement will be the last sentence of your introduction so let’s just keep it simple that way so that’s some of the organization’s so for the narrative right here your introduction will talk about the setting the time in the place you’ll think of an interesting hook to start it off with an emphasis on your voice you know how you talk how you write that’s important and then of course the the background information so again your introduction should include the situation and you know the conflict within your introduction as well so you don’t have to cover every bit of background because that so that can be saved for the rest of your regular essay for some of that information to be in but you know you’ll give some background material in your introduction so and what we’ll take a look at an introduction here in a second but let’s talk about thesis statements as well since a thesis statement comes at the end of your introduction the thesis statement basically establishes the overall point of your essay it’s like a road sign telling your reader where you plan to go where you plan to take them what’s going to come up it’s a real small snippet to entice them to read the rest of your essay or whatever it is you’re writing so the thesis statement you know is usually again the r.e.m fascitis point is at the end of the introduction it often is expressed in one sentence and again for the purposes of this class your thesis statement should be one sense though in future cases just so you know that sometimes it can be two or three sentences depending on the length of what you’re writing so but again the purpose of this class your introduction and your thesis statement for your narrative essay should just be one sense so for example we have an example here of a thesis statement although we anticipated our class trip to the museum to be less than exciting it was filled with unexpected challenges surprising X aspirations and unfortunate personal tension so again giving the reader a preview of what is to come what’s going to come in this this essay a class trip unexpected challenges unfortunate personal tensions surprises so again it kind of leaves you hanging a little bit makes you interesting like what is coming next so you know that’s an example you know of these two statements so an example narrative introduction is what we have right here this is a student example that someone brought so let’s take a look at this introduction here so again if you look at the first sentence here we’re taking a look at the very beginning of this introduction it was June 5th 1984 I was in the middle of Africa about to embark on one of the greatest adventures of my life so here you are starting off your introduction for your narrative essay giving us a little bit of background giving us a situation the year 1984 June 5th they where it’s in the middle of Africa and why is it important it’s one of the greatest adventures in my life so notice how that starts off you know this would be a good way for you to start off your narrative essay and again it continues here my friends and I are riding a 60 year old school bus out in the middle of nowhere I was 18 years old and had just graduated from high school and it was the first time of my life parents weren’t around to supervise me so again notice some more background information what else do we find out here we find out the person is 18 years old that they are writing in a six year old school boss that the person just graduated from high school and also important it was the first time in a life that this person was not supervised so again another block of important background information and I continues here the drivers steered the bus down the corrugated red red mud road outside of Nigeria natales glow with me and the rest the people bounce in the back so again some more background talking telling you it’s in a Nigerian town north of Lagos so it’s giving you more background telling you that there on a red mud Road and that they’re bouncing around in the back so again the next part here going on finally stopped on the side of the road next to the jungle told us this was a stop you know the rain forest was dripping and humidity rates of mists wandering between the big trees so again more background information situation it’s the jungle we have a rain forest it’s dripping with humidity we got off the bus and put on our backpacks so again this whole thing this whole introduction is all situation it’s all background telling your readers what is going on so and all of this leads up to your your thesis team and right here at the end so for example the thesis statement now is little did we know that our 68 journey through the jungle was going to forever change the way we viewed life so all this that came before it is built up for your thesis statement here so we know it’s a 68 journey in the jungle and why is it important well it forever changed the way we viewed life obviously something is going to happen so again this is a very good introduction and how you’d want to structure your introduction as well it’s not the only way but it’s one way that you could do it okay so let’s look at how this thesis is formed narrow thesis breaks down like this the first part of a narrative thesis is going to give you the who where when a situation of your thesis statement in the second part is a thesis is the why this is important the reason for telling the story so it’s almost like a formula this thesis statement is so for example the above thesis statement here is now broken down into these two parts here into blue and red little did we know that our 68 journey through the jungle that is this part here giving us the who what where when was going to forever change the way we viewed life and that is the second part right here the reason for telling the story the importance of what is about to happen so notice how this thesis statement is really broken down into two parts the who what where in a blue and the why it’s important in the red and that is exactly how I want you to structure your thesis statement for your narrative essay that you shouldn’t start off we were driving on a country road in the middle of the country little did we know that this short ride was going to change our life so again this is an example thesis statement and this is exactly how I want you to structure it like I have right here so again this is how you’ve set up your thesis statements so if there’s any questions of course you can ask me in discussions if there’s any questions about this and I will also post the example introduction here in content so all right thank you for listening and I will see you